Write 31 Days Series: Hope & Help for Working Moms


The Nester, one of my favorite bloggers, hosts a 31-day writing challenge each October, where bloggers (including newbies like myself) create series on tons of interesting and inspirational topics. I’ve really enjoyed reading this series in past years and need accountability to build a daily writing habit, so the challenge seemed like a fun and easy way to get started.

As a working mom myself, I’ve chosen a topic that’s near and dear to my heart!  Join me here for the next 31 21 days as I share inspiration, ponderings, and practical tips related to doing (or at least attempting) my very best at both of my jobs… without losing my mind.  All posts will be linked below, as they are published.

Day 1:  My Working Mom Story

Day 2:  The Struggle for Balance: Part 1 {The Struggle is Real}

Day 3:  The Struggle for Balance: Part 2 {Questions & Resources}

Day 4:  The Struggle for Balance: Part 3 {Printable Verse}

Day 5:  Planning: A Few of My Favorite Things

Day 6:  How to Make Every Day the “Best Day Ever”

Day 7:  The Power of Reset

Day 8:  10 Tips for a Clean-Enough Home: Part 1

Day 9:  10 Tips for a Clean-Enough Home: Part 2

Day 10:  The Answer to Mom Guilt

Day 11:  The One Thing

Day 12:  What I’ve Learned About Mornings

Day 13:  On Perfection & Getting Things Done {+ Printable To Do List}

Day 14:  Inspiring Working Moms You Need to Know

Day 15:  Making the Most of Your Work Time: 3 Tips

Day 16:  What’s Your Reason?

Day 17:  Here’s to you, working mama… On the week before Halloween

Day 18:  A New Plan for an Ideal Day

Disclaimer:  If you’re looking for a working mom who’s got it all figured out, this is probably a good time to leave!  But if you regularly have dishes in your sink, laundry on your dining room table, sippy cups and artwork in the floorboard of your car, and an ever-growing list of unfinished to-do’s in your planner, then I think you’ll feel right at home…

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11 thoughts on “Write 31 Days Series: Hope & Help for Working Moms

  1. Heather

    I’m looking forward to following along! I don’t work outside the home, but have a blog and YouTube channel that takes a lot of my time, add homeschooling 2 and a baby, and I could use some help!

    1. April Coleman Post author

      Nice to meet you, Heather! I would consider you a working mom for sure! Looking forward to hearing your series as well – I actually clicked on it earlier today before reading your comment and am now realizing you’re the author. 🙂

    1. April Coleman Post author

      Thanks for your encouragement, Lisa! What is your job? It sounds like you have your hands full – both fun ages but demanding in different ways, I’m sure!

  2. samcitty

    I’m looking forward to this series! I work full-time from home for an online university, so our child is in daycare throughout most of the week. Love reading another voice from a working mom!

    1. April Coleman Post author

      Thanks for your words of encouragement! This is my first year to teach fully online from home, and I’m really enjoying it, but there are some challenges as well. What area do you work in?

      1. samcitty

        I work in higher ed operations, though I would love to teach at some point. I do quality assurance for our call center at Liberty University Online, auditing our academic advisers who advise our education students.

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