Here’s to you, working mama… on the week before Halloween

IMG_7548This is my view sitting in bed tonight.  I’m actually feeling pretty good about myself that the piles of laundry are clean rather than dirty.  No questions about how long they’ve been there, please.  I have low expectations these days.  This summer, I read some tip online from this lady who never put a new load of laundry in until she had put away the last one.  And I thought, “What a great idea!”  And after it took me over a week to get caught up with my laundry using that method, I decided to just aim for getting things washed.  Folding – optional.  I don’t even pair socks anymore.  We have two baskets – one for kid socks, one for adult socks.  If you need a match, go fish in the basket.  Low expectations, highly recommended.

So, on this week before Halloween, when your to-do list probably looks a lot like mine, with cupcakes to bake, fall festivals and doctor’s appointments to attend, parties to host, costumes to make or find, kids out of school for fall break to entertain, and – oh yeah, WORK + your family’s normal weekly activities, here’s permission to get rid of the pressure to “do it all,” delete those unimportant tasks, enjoy the moment, laugh off the slip-ups, and don’t forget to take care of yourself too.

Because after all, if your kids are fed, your husband has clean underwear, and your house is not growing toxic mold, then you’re doing a great job, Mama!  One day, they’ll look back at pictures and appreciate the effort you put into that costume and treasure their family memories from this week, and you’ll remember their precious chubby faces and giddy laughter and (hopefully) forget all about your dirty floors and pesky unpaired socks.  So, hang in there, lower your expectations, and hold fast to the hope that November 1st with its extra hour of sleep is only three short days away…


4 thoughts on “Here’s to you, working mama… on the week before Halloween

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  2. Rachel

    April, I loved your post about just letting go and enjoying the moment. Moms often get so caught up with getting the to-do lists finished that we miss the everyday moments and blessings. Thanks for the reminder my friend!


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